Tiny Houses Community. A start.

Yesterday we had a chat on Skype with Shorty Robbins – a representative of our NGO “Tiny House Intentional Communities”. Above all, we found out quite a bit about the community itself. They were founded in Florida, USA by a few enthusiasts. Even though they are quite small, consisting of approximately 10 families, they are gradually expanding, gaining more fans and members. This NGO is a community for people who are willing to go tiny.

What does going tiny stand for? For some going tiny means a drastic change of lifestyle. Members of the community live in tiny houses on wheels that are easy to move around. Such a lifestyle ensures a very small living cost, as you don’t have to pay a mortgage and things like monthly electricity bills are by far smaller than in your average household (possibly as small as $25). Not to mention that you simply don’t have space for that awesome yet expensive piece of furniture you saw in the shop the other day!

The idea appeals to a lot of people worldwide. Getting or building your own tiny house costs around $23,000, however, the house can be built in any stile you like. You name it! Some people, said Shorty, have sold a lot of what they own to finance the new accommodation. This small community Shorty Robbins is a part of, was founded about 3 years ago. The members are creative people who like to think out of the box. They started to set up the community through social media. The official Facebook page for Tiny House Intentional Communities expanded quickly and currently has around 3,000 followers. The community is, however looking for funding. Public areas, like a community kitchen, as Shorty told us, would come very much in handy for events and gatherings, for which tiny houses are not suited.

Now that the idea and situation of the Tiny House Community are clear to us, it is time for our team to start brainstorming and we are positive that in a short time we will come up with some good ideas to help out!


Sarah’s Journey


Hey everyone, my name is Sarah Joseph. I am a first year Industrial Design Engineer student waiting to explore this world that surrounds me. I am from Delhi the Capital of India but have live in Dubai all my life. Dubai being a place of so many international communities has allowed me to be brought up in an international environment and already become a world citizen. But, I still wish to travel more and explore different cultures around me. I am super excited to start this wonderful journey. During my free time I enjoy cycling, painting, swimming and also hanging out with my friends.

Some of the most exciting things about me is the fact that I love trekking and have been to some of the highest peaks in the world. It gives me pure bliss to just watch the world down there from such a high peak. I love spending time with myself as I realize that I always discover something new about myself each time. My favorite show is The big Bang Theory I can watch it over and over again on repeat without hesitation.

Now the question arrives at How I wish to continue my future at The Hague, Netherlands? The answer is simple I wish to discover more of this world. And this is just the first step. I have many more steps to take. This is just the beginning I’m waiting for life to show me more.

Finally I wish to take full advantage of this time as these days will never come back.


Typically Elza


Pleasure to make your acquaintance! My name is Anete Elza Circene. But referring to me as Elza will do just fine. Or Elsa, if you wish. I respond to either one. Now, some of you are probably thinking of making a “Frozen” reference, but I think I have heard them all, therefore kindly, just let it go. 😉

First of all, what I think is most important to know about me:

  1. I’m Latvian
  2. I’m a geek
  3. I’m an occasional artist

Even though just 3 things, they already say more about me than anything else. And if you’re looking for something special – I’m a full palette of colours. It’s my superpower!

Sure, it shows on the outside. You will always see me wearing something bright. Or a bit weird. Or both! Really – I once spent a day in school in pyjamas, a fluffy purple bath robe and huge slippers with Minnie Mice on them, because I thought it would be fun. So many people found it exciting, I made it into a school event the following week. If you need proof in pictures, just ask! 😀

What might not be too obvious at a first look is that I am like a pack of M&M’s, really. All kinds of colours and you never know what I am going to surprise you with! Think of a colour. Now imagine that colour is a person. What characterizes them? Chances are, you will find a bit of each colour in me!

I can spend half a day just sitting in my quiet corner with a cup of cocoa, reading literature classics or spend hours perfecting small details. Just as well I can be bursting of energy for almost any activity, just excited to show and see what I can do. (I’ll certainly be the first one to sign up for karaoke.)

I believe the thing that really keeps me ticking is the ability to find bright colours anywhere I look. I mean, sure, a warm summer’s day is excellent, but do you get excited in the winter, when Jack Frost is getting at your toes even through the winter boots? I know I do! Because I know that without the bad days, we wouldn’t enjoy the good ones as much as we should. As a Latvian poet once wrote, the gray colour is important, because it makes all the other colours stand out. So in a way I practise my superpower every day – I try to SEE the colour and to BE the colour that stands out! 😉


Oh Hi!

My name is Agnese and i’m from a small country called Latvia (or to some known as the Potatoland). Since I remember myself I’ve always been into music, art and especially singing. I used to sit all day in my room, turn up the speakers and sing out loudly. Somehow it turned out that my parents weren’t my biggest fans, so they bought me an ipod with headphones. Sadly on that day my singing carreer ended. Apart from that I’ve always been a hockey fan, an enthusiastic traveller and someone who enjoys in their free time crafting.


How did I end up in The Hague? Well all my life I thought that I’m someone who’s got everything planned out. But last 3 years have been an amazing journey. After middle school I suddenly decided to change school and go for French Lyceum without knowing the language, and after graduating it move to the Netherlands. I feel like this leads to my superpower, which is I’m attracted by unknown roads and possible challenges. I believe that by challenging yourself you step out of the comfort zone into the unknown and actually grow as an individual. That’s why I often try taking risks, because in the end I always learn something new.

Overall I hope that these 3 years in IDE course will not only be educational, but also warm memories filled.


Tomas the go-getter

Tech Steward. On it. Coming across this project community I’ve had to go back a little bit and remember the whole cause I’m here. Find the path where i could express myself on both social and technical matter. Choosing the team role was a decision that F.I.T. my idea coming here. Don’t wanna spoil and say too much about myself i want to try to let the works be a reflection of that. I am completely aware of the challenges I’ll take. But my mindset is calm, positive because i know. From this I’ll grow inside a lot. Like the startup Tiny House project which I’m contributing to with The Team and am sure to succeed. I don’t want to do average with my team i want to do good. Like really GOOD. That would help me build up a Network of success seeking and positive thinking people. It’s all about a calm mindset and humbleness for me. I like helping other if they are willing to take the help and really inner-stand my being and spare my time. Because in my free time i like to elevate my creativity and TRY ANGLES that most people are afraid to or say “You cant run to every new thing under the sun. You’ll be a jack of all trades and a master of none”. I admire rational people and for me its not hard to spot one. I deal with creative criticism if it’s adequate and by saying that i mean I’ll admit my fails only to a professional. A lot of people don’t get it or its just where I’m from Lithuania that you can’t create lets say music and visuals. I think you can and that’s what I’m doing. Just need a proper, suitable agenda and environment. For 6 years now I’ve been doing activities like photography, graphic design ( Photoshop is the ish for me! ), music production, drawing graphic, web development. I come up to the point where i know a bit more about my value in the market. But still i admit i need some coaching in order to become an entrepreneur of sort. Ive worked with several different projects from branding a local basketball team, branding some shops (skate shops, fence shops, clothing shops etc.) even marketing or making them legit enough. Even when i travel and change places where i live i take my work with me. I took four gap years after school graduation in order to really go the path i wanted and I’ve been offered with comfortable positions already. I like to change places a lot and its all about moving forward for me. It elevates the creativity because i believe creativity is everything and even is happening on a much bigger scale nowadays in the world. I always knew that design is not how it looks but how it works as well. So i know that there’s lots to learn from this experience on a technical helping the community matter. Because we want to create a brighter future with all of what we do and our products. I think i F.I.T. or i will F.I.T. in this Tiny House project because as i see that we have in common. Like the feeling of freedom it gives you. The ability to create a home for your self. And being humble like Tupac Shakur said. “People build houses with ten rooms in-it and there’s people without a room or has to share it with five other people. So why not to keep it one room per person instead of two?” But unfortunately the system functions by the hierarchy. At the end of the day I’m calm because I’m contributing to a project that gives you ability to build a house for you and be more with the community you live in. Good company nowadays. That’s what matters.


That’s me

I am Elias Maximilian Goebel, a first year student. But it’s not the first time for me in Den Haag. When I was younger me and my friends came to Scheveningen for surfing. For us it is the closest  access to the ocean. Even though the waves aren’t that good most of the time. But for me it’s not all about the waves. It’s also sitting outside in the ocean and have good time with your mates. Anyway I have chosen IDE because I really enjoy crafting. I built a few Surfboards, Skateboards and Skate ramps in the last few years. I enjoy to use something that I built and it’s even better if it really works and has a purpose. In general I love board sports. It gives me this feeling of freedom, independency and this special adrenaline kick. 11541020_1007768912575349_5866638472202487528_n

I found my superpower during my two gap years, after i finished school. I realized during my travels that i lost the feeling for fear. It helps me in every situation. I don’t know exactly how it came. I guess it was a kind of process and progress. It began during my stay in Australia for 9 month. I learned a lot about cultural differences. It opened my eyes, meeting people from all over the world. I was working and traveling in Australia. When I came back to Germany, I realized that I had to get back on the road. So I started to work again for about 6 month. Because I couldn’t get enough a visiting new places and meeting so many different kinds of people. So I went for 4 Month to Central America and the USA. When I say I lost the feeling of fear, I mean i wouldn’t fight with a tiger. But I got really calm and even in the worst situation you find a good solution. And you start to believe in the good in everyone. I guess all those people I meet, places I visited and situations i experienced change me in a good way hopefully.

For my Future, I want to finish the IDE course successfully. In the meantime i’m going to enjoy the student life. My dream would be to find a job as a Designer and maybe go back to Australia for a couple of years. But you never know what will happen.