Tomas the go-getter

Tech Steward. On it. Coming across this project community I’ve had to go back a little bit and remember the whole cause I’m here. Find the path where i could express myself on both social and technical matter. Choosing the team role was a decision that F.I.T. my idea coming here. Don’t wanna spoil and say too much about myself i want to try to let the works be a reflection of that. I am completely aware of the challenges I’ll take. But my mindset is calm, positive because i know. From this I’ll grow inside a lot. Like the startup Tiny House project which I’m contributing to with The Team and am sure to succeed. I don’t want to do average with my team i want to do good. Like really GOOD. That would help me build up a Network of success seeking and positive thinking people. It’s all about a calm mindset and humbleness for me. I like helping other if they are willing to take the help and really inner-stand my being and spare my time. Because in my free time i like to elevate my creativity and TRY ANGLES that most people are afraid to or say “You cant run to every new thing under the sun. You’ll be a jack of all trades and a master of none”. I admire rational people and for me its not hard to spot one. I deal with creative criticism if it’s adequate and by saying that i mean I’ll admit my fails only to a professional. A lot of people don’t get it or its just where I’m from Lithuania that you can’t create lets say music and visuals. I think you can and that’s what I’m doing. Just need a proper, suitable agenda and environment. For 6 years now I’ve been doing activities like photography, graphic design ( Photoshop is the ish for me! ), music production, drawing graphic, web development. I come up to the point where i know a bit more about my value in the market. But still i admit i need some coaching in order to become an entrepreneur of sort. Ive worked with several different projects from branding a local basketball team, branding some shops (skate shops, fence shops, clothing shops etc.) even marketing or making them legit enough. Even when i travel and change places where i live i take my work with me. I took four gap years after school graduation in order to really go the path i wanted and I’ve been offered with comfortable positions already. I like to change places a lot and its all about moving forward for me. It elevates the creativity because i believe creativity is everything and even is happening on a much bigger scale nowadays in the world. I always knew that design is not how it looks but how it works as well. So i know that there’s lots to learn from this experience on a technical helping the community matter. Because we want to create a brighter future with all of what we do and our products. I think i F.I.T. or i will F.I.T. in this Tiny House project because as i see that we have in common. Like the feeling of freedom it gives you. The ability to create a home for your self. And being humble like Tupac Shakur said. “People build houses with ten rooms in-it and there’s people without a room or has to share it with five other people. So why not to keep it one room per person instead of two?” But unfortunately the system functions by the hierarchy. At the end of the day I’m calm because I’m contributing to a project that gives you ability to build a house for you and be more with the community you live in. Good company nowadays. That’s what matters.