Final Presentation Preperations

This week is the final week where we as a group were able to come up with a solid concept for the final video presentation. We were able to build on the idea of having an animated version of draw my life video. Along with the ‘Tiny Innovators’ our team ‘Found in Transition’ was able to collaborate and come up with a strong concept and output. It was an interesting journey as we saw how we progressed and were able to put our main idea of hosting workshops and raising funds across. We think we are successful in bringing the message across to our audience. We also have the final text and story board which we can base our video on. The video is coming along really well and we will be done soon.

During this week discussions and a good amount of collaboration along with the other Tiny House team took place. A productive skype call with Shorty our mentor in U.S.A Florida was held and we were able to show her the intro video and she approved it. Once our part of the video is completed we will merge the video with the other team and be able to combine both of them. Preparations for the final presentation are also taking place simultaneously.

As we are approaching the end of the module, we as a group feel that we’ve come a long way. Throughout the weeks we had our ups and downs, but they didn’t stop us on working and moving forward. We learned not only how to work as a group, but also how to listen and accept our cultural differences. This journey definitely has not been an easy one, but it made us stronger not only as a group but also as individuals.

This is a picture of our video in progress:



Rounding up

   Progress & thoughts about moving towards the final project…

  • Through this process of six weeks of learning and interacting with each other we were able to come up with a solid idea which took time and a great amount of discussion. The idea generation development took time and there were many ideas which were eliminated as the cons outweighed the pros. Although finally after reaching week 6 we were able to develop one idea which Shorty liked and was ready to proceed with.
  • The discussion and team work with our group is on track and definitely improving each week. Although, with the other tiny house group there needs to be more progress and more discussion on a daily basis to improve the final output which is the presentation and video.

What did we learn the most from all the past weeks reflection?

  • During all these weeks we learned the importance of each member and how effective it will be if each member is able to carry out their role well.
  • Communication with the community member Shorty and our advisor Nancy helped us keep on track of our main task and understand in which direction we should develop our ideas. Their feedback kept us motivated and helped us comprehend the Tiny House community better.
  • We were able to collaborate together better as the weeks went by and able to utilize our strengths together to achieve maximum output.

Collaborating with Tiny Innovators

  • Our group has already come up with the basis of the story board for the final presentation which is the solid idea of having workshops for community new-comers and enthusiasts by experienced people such as Shorty and other members. They can also earn some amount of money through this concept to help sustain the community and introduce more people to this new lifestyle making it easier to promote the concept. The script of the presentation has been outlined, but the storyboard is still to be improved within the week.
  • We wish to make the final presentation in the form of a video. Our team feels a video has several advantages over animation and it would speak more emotionally to the audience. The other tiny house has a different concept of having an animated version of the presentation. This is the area in which our opinions clash and we are yet to find a compromise.


Why film a video?

  • Our team ‘Found in Transition” felt that the idea of having a realistic video will be more effective in having an emotional connection with the audience and they will definitely be able to relate more to the idea and concept. This is a much more structured idea.
  • We think a video is relatively easy to make even with rudimentary skills in cinematography, so we could spend more time on detail and quality and it would be easy to correct any mistakes and re-film anything that we got wrong.
  • Making a video would be more of a shared team effort and the work would not have to be left to the only one in the team who knows how to create an animation.
  • With little skill, videos can be made with diverse interesting methods, that can completely change around the mood of the presentation.

We are looking forward to making the final presentation video and collaborating with the other team. We will be in touch.


Found In Transition

Sarah’s Journey


Hey everyone, my name is Sarah Joseph. I am a first year Industrial Design Engineer student waiting to explore this world that surrounds me. I am from Delhi the Capital of India but have live in Dubai all my life. Dubai being a place of so many international communities has allowed me to be brought up in an international environment and already become a world citizen. But, I still wish to travel more and explore different cultures around me. I am super excited to start this wonderful journey. During my free time I enjoy cycling, painting, swimming and also hanging out with my friends.

Some of the most exciting things about me is the fact that I love trekking and have been to some of the highest peaks in the world. It gives me pure bliss to just watch the world down there from such a high peak. I love spending time with myself as I realize that I always discover something new about myself each time. My favorite show is The big Bang Theory I can watch it over and over again on repeat without hesitation.

Now the question arrives at How I wish to continue my future at The Hague, Netherlands? The answer is simple I wish to discover more of this world. And this is just the first step. I have many more steps to take. This is just the beginning I’m waiting for life to show me more.

Finally I wish to take full advantage of this time as these days will never come back.