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The Documentarian task of this week is to visualize our progress of the week. On Monday in class we came up with a new idea how we could raise enough money to buy the property. The task included to find away to connect our idea with either crowdsourcing or crowdfunding. We choose crowdfunding. The idea to finance this project was to buy 49% of the land with crowdfunding. People from all over the world can buy a piece of land. It would start with a small amount of money. Then they would receive a certificate (but not a official one) which shows how much they one of the land and the exact coordinates of ‚their‘ land. It is more like a fun project for the crowdfunders to invest a small amount of money to get a tiny piece of land. The NGO community still has 51% of the land. But with the amount of money they raise with the 49% of the crowdfunding they would pay it off. Our idea for this is connected to the man who sold property on the moon, names for stars and a guy who sold a pixel of a image for 1 US-Dollar. He made a million dollars with the pixel project.

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As a Tech Steward for this week the focus is on having the team ready to take a step into production and having the blog being finalized to reflect the cause. Besides finding the best social platform solutions also looked into some search engine optimizations (SEO). Coming up to the idea all of us somehow felt the direction to follow and what to do. There weren’t ever a problem with the team. It’s seems organic to us. But it’s still a huge mystery were it’ll take us. We always meet up on Tuesday after the only lecture of the day. On this Tuesday we dealt with loosing precious time. Even though we always do what we have to and have fun at our meetings by creating a non stress, freedom of speech environment we can not afford it. In addition we knew that we have to be prepared for the talk with Shorty Robbins for Wednesday. We decided to stick with the idea of selling fictional property but embraced the reality that it might be a one-hitter and not sustainable, still is a good cause to raise awareness and money if we sell it properly. As well decided to find a way to reward crowdfunders with a better reflection of the community and the client. We knew we had to have more options so we decided to bring back our “Build your own” plan.


We’ve come up with it during the first weeks but then stashed it in the vault for a possible future use. The action took presence. And it includes. A Helping Hand to the established website mostly on how to build a Victorian style Tiny House. A style guide on how to build some. Establishing a Tiny House Builder Association. Youtube documentation with tutorials on how to set up in building. Finally we want to toss the project to the vast market of housing because we see that the Governments doesn’t consider Tiny Houses as real estate. So establishing a workshop in the third of the land that community is willing to share would be able to build these houses for specific clients. This way a workplace would be established in the community and would create a finance generation source. After a very warm and positive chat with the client NGO witch is very rare these days we are even more motivated now than ever. Some of the free-time of all of us consists of gathering resources to surprise fellow team members. Also we are looking forward to expand our network and offer you to check a fellow team Tiny Innovators working on the same cause, but with a different perspective.

The first step is to start. A base is what you need


One thought on “Idea generator – Tiny investments, BIG cause – DOC + TECH”

  1. Hey guys.. I really like your idea about selling off the land by little amounts, however agree that it wouldn’t create enough money to create the community to be sustainable. I think your “Build your own” plan is much more realistic and a really great idea, we came up with a similar idea but never progressed it! I am curious though, why you are wanting the tiny houses to be specifically victorian style?


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