Expending our horizons…

This week we were concentrating on crowdsourcing and crowdfunding as a possible options how to help our NGO. We researched few websites and made pros & cons to get a clearer shot.


Kiva Zip


  • Cost %
  • A great community of lenders


  • Low loan amount
  • Speed of funding 3+ months
  • Some businesses don’t get funded because of lack of lender support, even though they have good endorsement.
  • Invite your own lenders
  • Specific loan terms
  • 15 days to invite the required number of lenders

Overall a great option if your business only needs a small amount and can wait for few months.



  • Keep 100% of what you raise even if you haven’t hit your target
  • They support 8 different categories which are devided
  • 100% free



  • Their goal is to help new artists, musicians, designers not communities
  • If you don’t hit your funding goal in the specified time frame, you don’t receive any of the funds
  • You have to make a video about why you want to raise money

Crowdfunding is not that easy. It comes with a lot of effort and dedication, but if one puts in the necessary work, they can become successful. Crowdfunding is a great opportunity how to introduce yourself and your vision to the larger market and audience. Besides getting the financial support you can receive useful comments, feedback, ideas or find new loyal customers. But of course not every story ends happily and you have to take into account possible risks or failures.


  • Ideaken – collaborative crowdsourcing
  • Innocentive – open innovation problem solving
  • Ideaconnection – idea marketplace and problem solving
  • Onebillionminds – online (social) challenges

Crowdsourcing can be very useful, because it can help in many different ways, for example:

  • Finding solutions
  • Collecting, organizing new ideas, opinions
  • Gathering knowledge
  • Connecting with different people around the world
  • Finding workers etc.

That’s why right now we are considering ways in some of these sites could be useful to our particular cause.


This Wednesday we also had a chat with Shorty about our newest ideas. We have two of them, which we already shared with her and later in the evening they will appear on the blog. Throughtout the entire week we met up as a group to discuss our ideas and possible actions, which helped us to get a clearer look on our goals and NGO needs. This week seemed the most productive, because we finally sorted out the bunch of ideas we had and picked out the best ones. Hopefully the next week will be even more productive.


One thought on “Expending our horizons…”

  1. Extra!
    Last week the spider graph did not work out as well as it could have, so this week we are having another go on it. Here is an improved spider graph of TH community’s priorities and below – an explanation of each point.


    • Fundraising is the most important part of the whole project. The community has several ideas and expansion plans, which can only be carried through, if enough money can be invested. The community is looking for investors.
    • Community forming includes looking for new members. It is not the most important task at the moment, from the perspective of enlarging the member count; however, Tiny House community is looking for new members who could also invest a certain sum in the community funds.
    • We rated “building a network” with a 3. This step/process has some significance, because the more people the community reaches and associates itself with, the faster it will be likely to realize their projects. The community, unfortunately, does not feel quite ready to build a big on-line social network quite yet, before they feel they are developed enough to go public.
    • Following the previous point, it is also not very important at the moment to create new content, with which to turn to the public. The community has its current story and goals to promote to attract investors and enthusiasts.
    • We thought the least important step for the community right now is to come up with new goals and projects. They already have quite a lot on their to-do list and it is best to get through with the current projects before starting new ones.
    • Marketing has significant importance. When a plan for fundraising is found and secured, the community has to find a way for it to reach a significant amount of people.
    • Finding a cause is a part related closely to fundraising and it is the part we are involved in. The community is looking for something they can offer to the public that would catch investors’ interest.
    • The community, all in all, is about forming and promoting a new lifestyle. This purpose is partially the reason of their existence. At the moment active promotion is not the main goal, but we think it is something that might catch people’s attention and perhaps guarantee some investments.
    We hope that this spider graph makes matters a bit clearer for you – our readers – and that you can now see what the main goals are for the Tiny House community and for us – team “Found in Transition”.
    Best regards,


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