Week 4 review

In week 4 we’ve decided to go in the financial problem direction. We have a few ideas. One of them would be to create a YouTube Channel. With all the ads that are shown, they could make a decent profit. It could be a solution to make the community more self-supporting. For the upcoming week we are planning to get in touch with some other Tiny House communities. We want to find out how they make profit and achieve self-support. We are also going to introduce some ideas for social platforms they could use to get more attention. We also thought of workshops as a way to raise some funds. But first we are  going to present the social Media Platforms we were thinking of:

What, tech-wise, can we offer our NGO ?

  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • A mobile app
  • Google Ads (a proper website with information, rentals, offers, market platform, include all social contents)

If we talk more about the challenges our team must face during the year 2015 we found out that the approach we took regarding the Investor funding is on point. Our main goal to this is to establish independent businesses. Providing them with social networks we are taking a huge step forward because its basically the ground of any business to be established promo vise. Our ideas include renting the tiny houses or showing them around, raising awareness of these as we see it future home places for people that concern in living sustainable. Of course every legitimate business needs a proper establishment so we’re thinking to create an outside business of Brokers who could help a starting tiny house community. We view it as a very open market to do so. It actually should be a governmental concern but since it’s not we will take matters in our own hands. We already some landmark improvements to make them legitimate and sustainable (showers, public area, common kitchen, pole of postboxes, flag system to pay taxes being off the land.) Being students gave us the question how to adapt the Tiny Houses to student life. As well it’s in our challenges. We thought to start a small project in Scheveningen, Den Haag. There could be a relevant place to make use of this program.

In addition to this we would like to show you the paraphrased Interview with Shorty Robbins from last week. It shows what our main goal is.

S = Shorty

G = Group (Found in Transition)

G: „Could you send us some extra information about the community?“

S: „I will send it to you, it’s a description of all members of the group. What we all have in common are the Tiny Houses. There are truly crazy people out there in the Tiny House world. But that’s not us, we are just normal people in normal houses, downsized, and live affordable. We don’t want to change the rules. The younger people of our group are not conservative but responsible.

G: „What coasts do you have each month ? How can we make you financially sustainable ? “

S: „Our monthly payment is around 2000 U$ for the land for our community per month. Something simple, that’s what we are looking at.

G: „Have you already rented out Tiny Houses ?

S: „We don’t own the property yet, we’re still looking. We are probably 6 month to a year far away from the property.

G: „Have you found any options ?

S: „Oh yeah, there is lots of stuff available. There is a opportunity to take over an old Trailerpark. Where people living in Motorhomes. And not as nice as Tiny Houses. But they go out of business.

We have to decide if we want to change the neighborhood as well. There are options to work with the city. The own the land and you buy it back. There are many options looking where we want to go. We want to have space near water. I wouldn’t be nice in an area where it’s dangerous. We want a nice neighborhood.

G: „Would it be possible to take a Tiny House to an event to show people?

S: „Do you guys celebrate earthday ? For this event we had 4 Tiny Houses and over 2.000 people came. It was great. But there are only a couple of us moving round easily with their Tiny Houses. I mean i don’t mind, so i could move around. I want to travel with it. But a lot of them build houses with wheels to get it to the place where it should be. They just move it if they need to. They’re not planing to be as mobile as i am.

G: „Ok will give more thoughts on the financial aspect. And how to be sustainable.

S: „ That’s the big thing for us, how can we be self-supporting ? Don’t want to pay 1000 U$ per month. Then we could still in the big houses. Before we move in we want to make sure it is self-supporting.

G: „We were also trying to find a Tiny House Community in the Netherlands.“

S: „I haven’t been to my new sister’s house. But the old one was like a Townhouse. They don’t have any side yards. They are all build together on a street. But we don’t live like that here. I don’t think that the concept is as interesting for Europeans as Americans. Because you guys are already living in that. The closest thing to us would be a gypsy community. Except we don’t travel around together. We stay in one place.

G: „We will try to find more ideas and get in contact with Nancy. She might have some contacts for our ideas. Thanks for the info!“

This week in class we had to create a spider graph which shows the NGO’s priorities:Bildschirmfoto 2015-09-22 um 14.54.50

The most important is awareness for financial aspects. The NGO is looking for finances. We thought about Kickstarter, GoFund-Me or Google Ads. The next two on the scale are marketing and promotion on social media. The more people the community reaches out to, the more likely it is to find investors and new members in a shorter time. Creating and sharing content, of course, is the next step for gaining followers. All the above contribute to building a stronger network for the community. The last point, which is still important, although (we think) does not rank the highest, is getting feedback. It would help the community improve the content they share with the public and perhaps help shape their future plans.


4 thoughts on “Week 4 review”

  1. Really useful post. I appreciate the clarity of the background information, the way you demonstrated what you heard from Shorty and such. (And then I realized in my two meetings this morning with Tiny Home teams, you both said they wanted $5000 USD a month, which is a LOT more than $2000. So I want to make sure your target is clear, right?)

    A quick comment on the spidergram. If EVERYTHING is a 5 (most important) you are probably in trouble. People usually don’t have the time, attention, and resources for everything to be a five. The value of a spidergram is to see what is priority now. You can do a future cast of the spider gram which may show that the priorities shift. But try and consider, what activity on the spidergam IS MOST important. Rate that as a 5 and then reevaluate and rerank the others, ok? I’d love to see a revision.


  2. The idea for a YouTube video is very interesting, we can also use that for our project Stahili. But how do you want to get sponsors for a YouTube video? Do you want organizations to pay for every view, what’s your view on that?


    1. Thanks for your comment! We need to get more attention in social media and connect it to the video. It will be a challenge. No you just watch a short advertisement before you watch the actual video. Then you earn a few cents per click.


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