Tiny Houses Community. A start.

Yesterday we had a chat on Skype with Shorty Robbins – a representative of our NGO “Tiny House Intentional Communities”. Above all, we found out quite a bit about the community itself. They were founded in Florida, USA by a few enthusiasts. Even though they are quite small, consisting of approximately 10 families, they are gradually expanding, gaining more fans and members. This NGO is a community for people who are willing to go tiny.

What does going tiny stand for? For some going tiny means a drastic change of lifestyle. Members of the community live in tiny houses on wheels that are easy to move around. Such a lifestyle ensures a very small living cost, as you don’t have to pay a mortgage and things like monthly electricity bills are by far smaller than in your average household (possibly as small as $25). Not to mention that you simply don’t have space for that awesome yet expensive piece of furniture you saw in the shop the other day!

The idea appeals to a lot of people worldwide. Getting or building your own tiny house costs around $23,000, however, the house can be built in any stile you like. You name it! Some people, said Shorty, have sold a lot of what they own to finance the new accommodation. This small community Shorty Robbins is a part of, was founded about 3 years ago. The members are creative people who like to think out of the box. They started to set up the community through social media. The official Facebook page for Tiny House Intentional Communities expanded quickly and currently has around 3,000 followers. The community is, however looking for funding. Public areas, like a community kitchen, as Shorty told us, would come very much in handy for events and gatherings, for which tiny houses are not suited.

Now that the idea and situation of the Tiny House Community are clear to us, it is time for our team to start brainstorming and we are positive that in a short time we will come up with some good ideas to help out!


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