Sarah’s Journey


Hey everyone, my name is Sarah Joseph. I am a first year Industrial Design Engineer student waiting to explore this world that surrounds me. I am from Delhi the Capital of India but have live in Dubai all my life. Dubai being a place of so many international communities has allowed me to be brought up in an international environment and already become a world citizen. But, I still wish to travel more and explore different cultures around me. I am super excited to start this wonderful journey. During my free time I enjoy cycling, painting, swimming and also hanging out with my friends.

Some of the most exciting things about me is the fact that I love trekking and have been to some of the highest peaks in the world. It gives me pure bliss to just watch the world down there from such a high peak. I love spending time with myself as I realize that I always discover something new about myself each time. My favorite show is The big Bang Theory I can watch it over and over again on repeat without hesitation.

Now the question arrives at How I wish to continue my future at The Hague, Netherlands? The answer is simple I wish to discover more of this world. And this is just the first step. I have many more steps to take. This is just the beginning I’m waiting for life to show me more.

Finally I wish to take full advantage of this time as these days will never come back.



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