Typically Elza


Pleasure to make your acquaintance! My name is Anete Elza Circene. But referring to me as Elza will do just fine. Or Elsa, if you wish. I respond to either one. Now, some of you are probably thinking of making a “Frozen” reference, but I think I have heard them all, therefore kindly, just let it go. 😉

First of all, what I think is most important to know about me:

  1. I’m Latvian
  2. I’m a geek
  3. I’m an occasional artist

Even though just 3 things, they already say more about me than anything else. And if you’re looking for something special – I’m a full palette of colours. It’s my superpower!

Sure, it shows on the outside. You will always see me wearing something bright. Or a bit weird. Or both! Really – I once spent a day in school in pyjamas, a fluffy purple bath robe and huge slippers with Minnie Mice on them, because I thought it would be fun. So many people found it exciting, I made it into a school event the following week. If you need proof in pictures, just ask! 😀

What might not be too obvious at a first look is that I am like a pack of M&M’s, really. All kinds of colours and you never know what I am going to surprise you with! Think of a colour. Now imagine that colour is a person. What characterizes them? Chances are, you will find a bit of each colour in me!

I can spend half a day just sitting in my quiet corner with a cup of cocoa, reading literature classics or spend hours perfecting small details. Just as well I can be bursting of energy for almost any activity, just excited to show and see what I can do. (I’ll certainly be the first one to sign up for karaoke.)

I believe the thing that really keeps me ticking is the ability to find bright colours anywhere I look. I mean, sure, a warm summer’s day is excellent, but do you get excited in the winter, when Jack Frost is getting at your toes even through the winter boots? I know I do! Because I know that without the bad days, we wouldn’t enjoy the good ones as much as we should. As a Latvian poet once wrote, the gray colour is important, because it makes all the other colours stand out. So in a way I practise my superpower every day – I try to SEE the colour and to BE the colour that stands out! 😉



2 thoughts on “Typically Elza”

  1. I love the way you describe yourself, full of self-knowledge and not shy to let others know what you are on about. I used to be very colourful myself and then I lost some of that while i was working in business and now most of that is back. Even though I know that some students (mostly women?) will make a strong first judgement by the way I look, I don’t care anymore. They’ll spend enough time with me to look beyond that. Shine on!


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