Oh Hi!

My name is Agnese and i’m from a small country called Latvia (or to some known as the Potatoland). Since I remember myself I’ve always been into music, art and especially singing. I used to sit all day in my room, turn up the speakers and sing out loudly. Somehow it turned out that my parents weren’t my biggest fans, so they bought me an ipod with headphones. Sadly on that day my singing carreer ended. Apart from that I’ve always been a hockey fan, an enthusiastic traveller and someone who enjoys in their free time crafting.


How did I end up in The Hague? Well all my life I thought that I’m someone who’s got everything planned out. But last 3 years have been an amazing journey. After middle school I suddenly decided to change school and go for French Lyceum without knowing the language, and after graduating it move to the Netherlands. I feel like this leads to my superpower, which is I’m attracted by unknown roads and possible challenges. I believe that by challenging yourself you step out of the comfort zone into the unknown and actually grow as an individual. That’s why I often try taking risks, because in the end I always learn something new.

Overall I hope that these 3 years in IDE course will not only be educational, but also warm memories filled.



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