That’s me

I am Elias Maximilian Goebel, a first year student. But it’s not the first time for me in Den Haag. When I was younger me and my friends came to Scheveningen for surfing. For us it is the closest  access to the ocean. Even though the waves aren’t that good most of the time. But for me it’s not all about the waves. It’s also sitting outside in the ocean and have good time with your mates. Anyway I have chosen IDE because I really enjoy crafting. I built a few Surfboards, Skateboards and Skate ramps in the last few years. I enjoy to use something that I built and it’s even better if it really works and has a purpose. In general I love board sports. It gives me this feeling of freedom, independency and this special adrenaline kick. 11541020_1007768912575349_5866638472202487528_n

I found my superpower during my two gap years, after i finished school. I realized during my travels that i lost the feeling for fear. It helps me in every situation. I don’t know exactly how it came. I guess it was a kind of process and progress. It began during my stay in Australia for 9 month. I learned a lot about cultural differences. It opened my eyes, meeting people from all over the world. I was working and traveling in Australia. When I came back to Germany, I realized that I had to get back on the road. So I started to work again for about 6 month. Because I couldn’t get enough a visiting new places and meeting so many different kinds of people. So I went for 4 Month to Central America and the USA. When I say I lost the feeling of fear, I mean i wouldn’t fight with a tiger. But I got really calm and even in the worst situation you find a good solution. And you start to believe in the good in everyone. I guess all those people I meet, places I visited and situations i experienced change me in a good way hopefully.

For my Future, I want to finish the IDE course successfully. In the meantime i’m going to enjoy the student life. My dream would be to find a job as a Designer and maybe go back to Australia for a couple of years. But you never know what will happen.



8 thoughts on “That’s me”

  1. Nice story, now i hope that you are willing to show me how to make a surf board from scratch? haha, soon there is a surf expo at scheveingen, we should all go together, saw that Marcel was interested too to go, on FB.



  2. Have you seen this video before? Some of the students that did this project are still around, so it could be interesting for you to connect to share experiences. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to satisfy your Wanderlust while at IDE. In year 2 you’ll do your international insights research abroad and if you plan well the whole of year 3 could be abroad.


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